足立 知謙 / 作曲家



主な業績として、SUBARUのシリーズである「Your Story With」、映画「ストレージマン」、映画「佐々木・イン・マイ・マイン」、映画「死体の人」への楽曲提供、映画「あつい胸騒ぎ」編曲、神戸市民文化振興財団からの委嘱による「病院組曲」の作曲などがある。


Tomonori Adachi / Composer

Since his days studying at Ritsumeikan University's College of Business Administration, Tomonori Adachi has participated in numerous concerts and recordings as a pianist. With exceptional aesthetic sense and insight, he is a sound magician who seamlessly combines the music theories honed from jazz and classical music.

His primary field of activity is music for marketing and he covers a wide range of genres. His work includes producing music for numerous corporate commercials, video works and game products, directing music for large commercial facilities such as airports, commissioned works for concerts, and collaborations with artists. In recent years, he has also ventured into film music and has been vigorously working on music production in that industry.

His notable achievements include music production for the Subaru series "Your Story With", the films "Storageman", "Sasaki in My Mind", and "Playing Dead", music arrangement for the film "The Lump in My Heart", as well as the composition of "Hospital Suite" commissioned by the Kobe City Citizens Culturel Promotion Foundation.
He has also released an album under the name "KODACHI" as a unit with a Kokyū (Japanese fiddle) player Daisuke Kiba, and is active in concerts and media appearances throughout the country. He pursues new possibilities and expands the world of his music.